Plan B

autor textu: Ralph Schut
interpret: Blueland
album: All My Life
rok vydania: 2005

Just me and my guitar, a few cents and an old car
Left my home this morning after dawn
I played a gig in a new town and there I stayed to look around
‚was suprised to see what paradise I’d found.

R: Now it´s time for plan B, though there’s so much more to see
Down this road I’ve traveled along
I´ve had dreams I’ve had the blues over love that wasn´t true
But I now enjoy a new dream starring you.

Although I’ve got a place to stay I’ve always loved to go away
To see the world and make new friends along the way
But the day that I met you I felt a love never knew
So it’s time to chase a new dream starring you.

I have know the same I will understand.