All My Life

autor textu: P. Donahue
interpret: Blueland
album: All My Life
rok vydania: 2005

You can say goodbye you can close the door
You can drift till the tide washes you a shore
You can throw me out you can be untrue
You can break my heart but I still love you.

R: And I want you, to know, you can count on me
Like each moment in time you will always be
For as long as I live and with all my mind
Al that I have to give all my love, all my life.

On the day you came how the sun did shine
And you had no name so I gave you mine
And the world will turn many things you’ll see
But you never learn what you mean to me.

When the days get long and the nights grow cold
And the lonesome wind tries the chill your soul
You can call my name you can hold my hand
I have know the same I will understand.