I Can´t Afford to Improvise Today

autor textu: Ralph Schut
interpret: Blueland
album: All My Life
rok vydania: 2005

I´m on my way from work and I can´t wait to get home
´cause tonight I´ll také my baby out to a new theatre show.
It´s a show just for two and I´ll hope I´ll make it through
This is the night to do the best that I can do.

R: But lord I´m nervous, though I know she loves me
I´m afraid, though I know she cares.
I feel in starring in a play with my script slipping away
But I can´t afford to improvise today.

I´ve got all worked out, I know it can´t go wrong.
This is the moment we´ve been waiting for, for all those years so long
I´ll také her for a walk and show her this golden ring
Because I love her more than anything.