You Came Alone

autor textu: Ralph Schut
interpret: Blueland
album: All My Life
rok vydania: 2005

A long long time I´d been alone, my freedom was my faith
´cause my last love had turned me down, I was not to blame
I though love´s just an illusion, an illusion ´bout a heart
But my heart knew that it´d love you if I knew how to start.

We´d known eachother for a while but never dared to say
What´s in our hearts and on our minds until you came today
You said that love´s a miracle, a miracle of the heart
So try love me and then you´ll see I´ll show you how to start.

R: Don´t be afraid to love me don´t hesitate to try
I´ll always be there for you, stand proudly by your side
Feel´s a unique power you cease to be alone
You´re the one I hoped would came along.

You taught me how to love dear and what that´s all about
I never thought I´d feel this way I sure had some doubt
I recall before I met you, I thought I´d never fall
But I fell into the greatest love that I could ever want.